The Coalition for Hemophilia B strives to make quality of life the focal point of treatment for individuals with Hemophilia B in the 21st century

Our mission is to make quality of life the focal point of treatment for people with Hemophilia B. To empower and educate our members to act as advocates on their own behalf and to ensure they have timely information about their healthcare so they can have the highest quality of life possible. For over 28 years we have pursued our mission through our extremely family-oriented approach, because hemophilia is a disease that affects the whole family. Our programs bridge the gap and bring patients with hemophilia B together from all over the USA, connecting them with their common bond and empowering them to gain support, lifetime friends, and the knowledge needed to make important life decisions.

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Family Meetings on the Road

We’re hosting 13 educational meetings across the country 2019 to share information and resources and bring families together to build a support network! Our Factor 9 Family Meetings are free for those living with hemophilia B and their family members but you must register online. All meetings are Saturdays.

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Travel Grants Available for the 14th Annual Symposium March 19-22, 2020

Stay tuned for Registration and more information on Symposium 2020


Gen IX Advocacy

September 25-29, 2019
YMCA Camp Collins near Portland, OR
Adults age 20+ with hemophilia B

CLICK HERE FOR 2-PAGE FAQ SHEET with information on the destination and the itinerary

Deadline to apply is August 16th

Advocacy News

The Beats Music Program, July 31-August 4, 2019 in Nashville, TN


Whether you have serious music ambitions or enjoy music as a therapeutic outlet, this program could be for you! The 2019 music camp is for Coalition members age 18 and over who are musically inclined. Read more…

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Helpful Resources
Information on treatment, scholarships, insurance assistance, and more. We also offer several booklets and DVDs that can be sent to you free of charge.
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Important News
Keep up-to-date with relevant news for the hemophilia community. We  publish quarterly Factor IX News, the only newsletter of its kind!
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Contact the Coalition and follow us on social media to connect with us and other members of the hemophilia B community.
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With a family-oriented and hands-on approach, we interact daily with the hemophilia community online and  through educational symposiums, family meetings, support groups, and retreats. 
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Expert Team
Guided by a board of researchers, doctors, lawyers, parents, and patients, our team has over 27 years’ experience with hemophilia B. 
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We seek to educate, ensure access to the highest standard of care, and empower people with hemophilia, and their families, to advocate on their own behalf.
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Important Facts and FAQs
Learn more about hemophilia B: the condition, its transmission, treatment options, and more.
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You can further the important mission of the Coalition for Hemophilia B and help provide more programs, resources, and support to the hemophilia community.
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