Kim Phelan, Vice President

Wayne Cook, President     

Kim Phelan is one of those rare individuals whose compassion is matched only by her passion. She has been with the Coalition for Hemophilia B since its beginning over 25 years ago. She has worked in every aspect of the Coalition, from advocacy to fundraising.


Wayne Cook is a life-time mentor to the hemophilia B community and has been president of the Coalition for over 10 years. Diagnosed with the condition at age six, he is dedicated to using his experiences to improve the quality of life of all affected by hemophilia B. He urges the hemophilia B community to “get out there, get involved, and enjoy living life to its fullest.”

Dr. Dave Clark, Chairman of the Coalition

Dr. Dave Clark has served as Chairman for over 10 years and has written much of the technical content of our newsletters for over 20 years. As a researcher, Dave has been involved with factor IX since 1982, when he joined the American Red Cross Plasma Derivatives. 

John, Joyce, and John Taylor, Founders

John and Joyce Taylor founded the Coalition in 1990 when their son was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B. At age 13, their son John decided to launch a site designed to address the concerns of those within the hemophilia community and to be a resource and advocate for them.