The Coalition for Hemophilia B strives to make quality of life the focal point of treatment for individuals with Hemophilia B in the 21st century

The Coalition for Hemophilia B was founded in 1990 by Joyce and John Taylor when their son was diagnosed with moderate/severe Hemophilia B. Formed as a way of providing information about treatment options to patients and their families, as well as instigating and funding research and product development, the Coalition provides information about treatment that will improve quality of life, works to define new treatment modalities, and support efforts to eliminate the disease.


12th Annual Symposium 

Friday March 23 – Sunday March 25, 2018
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2018 William N. Drohan Scholarship

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BScene:  Hillary Goldrick

Helpful Resources
Find information on treatment, scholarships, insurance assistance, and more. We also offer online articles as well as several booklets and DVDs that can be sent to you free of charge.
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Important News
Keep up-to-date with the Coalition and news relevant to the hemophilia community. We also publish "Quarterly Factor IX News", the only newsletter of its kind!
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Contact the Coalition, follow us on social media, and view our YouTube channel to connect with us and other members of the hemophilia B community.
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With a family-oriented and hands-on approach, we interact daily with the hemophilia community, offer educational symposiums, family meetings, support groups, retreats, and much more. 
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Expert Team
Guided by a board of researchers, doctors, lawyers, parents, and patients, our team has over 25 years’ experience in hemophilia B. Find out about our founding story!
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We seek to educate, ensure access to the highest standard of care, and empower people with hemophilia and their families to advocate on their own behalf.
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Important Facts and FAQs
Learn more about hemophilia B: the condition, its transmission, treatment options, and more.
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You can further the important mission of the Coalition for Hemophilia B and help provide more programs, resources, and support to the hemophilia community.
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Even if I am only like a little mouse, taking bites around the edge of the cheese, I feel eventually I am going to make a difference. It is going to take a lot of bites and a fair amount of time, but it will happen. Meanwhile, we’ll keep biting away
— John Taylor, founder