Let’s Play Nine Golf Survey

Dear Community Member,

The Coalition for Hemophilia B offers a popular golf program called Let’s Play Nine. Our last event was held on March 13, 2019, at the celebrated Innisbrook Golf Resort in Tampa, FL. The program featured a spirited tournament, a clinic with golf pro and hemophilia community member Perry Parker, and many other special events. However, more than just a fun event, Let’s Play Nine is a fundraiser that makes it possible for children with hemophilia B to participate in a fun strength- and skills-building activity that offers a healthy lifestyle option they can continue to do as they age. One of our goals is to provide “access” to the game of golf. Last year, we were able to completely outfit several young men with a full set of custom-fit golf clubs, shoes, hats, balls, tees, and golf apparel. Funds raised from this event are also used to support our BCares patient assistance program.

Today we are asking you to help us improve this important program by answering a few brief questions. Your answers will help us reach more community members who might benefit from the program and to identify deserving youngsters who could be awarded equipment and other items. All answers will be kept confidential and will not be shared.

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