Love, Hope, Hemophilia

Our beautiful Love, Hope, Hemophilia Bracelet is available now. 

A portion of the proceeds go to our Patient Assistance Fund

$19 (shipping included)

Purchase through our PayPal, or by sending a check to: 
The Coalition for Hemophilia B, 825 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor, NY NY 10022
for more information, contact Kim at 917-582-9077

Note: If you pay via PayPal, please leave your first and last name, address, and e-mail in the "Notes" section. 

The Bracelet is made with aluminum. Aluminum is valued for its versatility and light weight. Aluminum is malleable and can be worked into detailed designs that would usually be difficult with other metals.              
Pros: Jewelry made with aluminum has the advantage of being nickel-free and non-reactive. Aluminum is super light weight, doesn't tarnish, and is fairly inexpensive. 

A Note from the Designer
All of my aluminum jewelry is made with pure 1100 aluminum, which is food safe and safe on your skin (in fact, theres less chance of a skin reaction with 1100 aluminum than there is with sterling silver!).
It will never tarnish, discolor, rust, etc. The aluminum jewelry is an affordable alternative to sterling silver thats very comfortable and looks great!