The B2B book series from Pfizer covers a wide range of topics that speak to the hemophilia B community. The B2B Podcasts also feature patients, caregivers, and friends in the hemophilia B community discussing a range of important issues and relevant topic. Listen here.

Hemophilia B: Paths to Empowerment

Learn how others impacted by hemophilia B define what it means to be empowered and overcome challenges.

Young Adults and Hemophilia B

Get more information about dating, moving out, starting a career, and perhaps starting a family in this book written for young adults.

Hemophilia B: Her voice, her life

This book provides support and encouragement to women with hemophilia B on their paths to empowerment.

Hemophilia B: A Family Perspective

This book provides real-life examples and guidance when a family member has hemophilia B.

Hemophilia B: Your Point of View

The advice here will help you have a conversation about hemophilia B with your friends, teachers, and possible romantic interests.

Hemophilia B In Early Childhood

Raising a child with hemophilia B is uniquely challenging. There is help to prepare for what to expect.

Navigating the Preteen Years

This book provides advice and support specifically about hemophilia B during the preteen years.

A Guide for Mature Adults

Learn from experience how to recognize certain situations that may arise for mature adults, with guidance along the way.

Know your numbers knowledge is power

Learn about specific numbers and test values pertinent to living with hemophilia B through all life stages.