About the Coalition for Hemophilia B

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The Coalition for Hemophilia B was founded in 1990 by Joyce and John Taylor when their son was diagnosed with hemophilia B.

While there has always been information available through physicians, treatment centers and support groups, it was apparent that many concerns and anxieties remained.

The Coalition recognized the need for an organization to further serve and support the hemophilia community. It was created as a way of providing information about treatment options to patients and their families while instigating and funding research and product development.

In 2001, the Taylors’ son John, then 13, decided to launch a site designed to specifically address these concerns. As one of the first children in the country to receive prophylactic treatment, he felt uniquely qualified to act as an advocate for its use. Prophylaxis has allowed John to live actively without fear of a bleed.

The Coalition believes it is important to share information and experience, empowering others with the condition to live active and productive lives.

Our dedicated team consists of persons with over 25 years of experience in the hemophilia community. The outreach to the medical community is handled through a small Scientific Advisory Board.

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